Owing to rapid.- increase in population and industrialisation, the erstwhile Visakhapatnam Revenue District was bifurcated into two Police Units, on 01-11-1983, i.e., Visakhapatnam Urban Police District and Rural Police District. Further as there was tremendous influx of floating population with its attendant problems of law and order, crime and Traffic, it necessitated to constitute the Urban Police District with its surrounding area as Metropolitan Area Police District under section 8 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 duly appointing a Commissioner of Police, with Magisterial powers w.e.f. 10-05-1989, vide GO.Ms.No.253 Home (Pol.E) Department, dated 09-05-1989.

The Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam City, by virtue of his office is appointed as Addl. District Magistrate in relation to the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan area and shall have all the powers of a District Magistrate under the said code and all other laws for the time being in force conferring powers of a District Magistrate under sub-section (1) of section 20 of Cr.PC, 1973 (Central Act II of 1974), vide GO.Ms.No.285 Home (Courts.B) Department, dated 20-05-1989.

At the time of formation of the Police Commissionerate, i.e., on 10-05-1989, the Commissionerate was headed an officer of rank of Superintendent of Police and subsequently upgraded to the rank of DIG, w.e.f. 02-11-1990 and rank of IGP w.e.f. 23-06-2000.

The Visakhapatnam Police Commissionerate is presently headed by Commissioner of Police, assisted by Joint Commissioner of Police, Three Deputy Commissioners of Police, for L&O Zone — I, II, Crimes, four Addl.. DCsP, 18 ACsP

Sl.No. Name Charge
1. Sri. A.K. MOHANTY, S.P. 10.05.1989
2. Sri. K.ANANDAIAH, S.P. 17.10.1989
3 Sri. C.N.GOPINATHA REDDY, S.P. 15.02.1990
4 Sri. MAHENDRA KUMAWAT, DIG 02.11.1990
5 Sri. M.V.KRISHNA RAO, DIG 07.11.1991
6 Sri. DR. D.T. NAIK, D.I.G. 10.05.1993
7 Sri. M. LAKSHMINARAYANA, D.I.G. 04.01.1995
8 Sri. R.P. MEENA, D.I.G. 02.11.1995
9 Sri. K. DURGA PRASAD, D.I.G. 03.11.1997
10 Sri. A.K. KHAN, I.G.P. 23.06.2000
11 Sri. B.PRASADA RAO, I.G.P. 17.03.2002
12 Sri. V.S.K. KAUMUDI, I.G.P. 03.01.2005
13 Sri. N.SAMBASIVA RAO, I.G.P. 17.06.2007
14 Sri. J.PURNACHANDRA RAO, I.G.P. 18.03.2010
15 Sri. B. SHIVADHAR REDDY, I.G.P. 26.11.2012
16 Sri. ATUL SINGH, I.G.P. (HAC) 05.06.2014
17 Sri. AMIT GARG, I.G.P. 19.01.2015
18 Sri. T. YOGANAND, I.G.P. 23.05.2016
19. Sri. MAHESH CHANDRA LADDHA, I.G.P. 30.07.2018
20. Sri. RAJEEV KUMAR MEENA, I.G.P. 27.06.2019