AP Police strive to provide efficient, transparent, responsive and accountable police administration in the state aided by latest technology and gadgets. We have made rapid strides towards our goal of providing technology driven and delivery systems to the citizens of AP. AP Police has been involving the citizens through various community police initiatives. Law and Order as well as crime control measures have been particularly successful with the active participation of the public. We are also optimistic that the AP police will continue to meet the new challenge of preserving the democratic order of the society in ensuring the safety and security of the citizen / women and children and also upholding the constitution provisions. Information technology (IT) plays a vital role in police department, improving outcomes in the areas of criminal detection, police services to citizens and other functioning of the police department. AP police department has been integrating information and communication technologies into policing to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Recently AP police department has launched a ‘Citizen Web Portal’ to strengthen the citizen interface with the police. AP Police is very happy to add one more feather to its cap with the launch of unique IT inventions like ‘iClik’ and ‘Abhayam’ for the safety of citizens in general and women in particular. This is a PILOT project in this direction. Over the next few weeks, the pilot project will be systematically implemented and all steps will be taken to overcome software glitches for ensuring citizen-centric quality service.