The City by and large, is a peaceful city, free from serious / organized crimes

Offences against Body

Mostly hurt cases report in slum areas during petty quarrels. At an average 1 or 2 cases report in a day in the city.

White collar offences

As the city is growing economically, white collar offences are increasing proportionally. Cases of cheating in the name of raising unauthorized chit funds, multilevel marketing etc., report at an average 1 or 2 cases per day in the city.

Property offences such as thefts, burglaries, snatchings etc

House breaking by night, snatching gold chains from women, theft of valuables from auto passengers are commonly occurred crime. Incidence of these offences have come down when compared to previous years; thefts of motorcycles, mostly by joy-riders are also commonly occurred. At an average 3 or 4 property offences occur every day in the city.

Cyber Crimes

‘Phishing’ Mostly common crime in cyber crime. That means An attempt criminally and fraudulently acquired sensitive information such as ATM/Credit card details, PIN number, CVV and One Time Password over phone by posing themselves as bank employees and ATM card division employees.