About Cyber Crime Investigation Cell :

The Cyber Crime Investigation Cell was started in the year 2010 vide DO.No. 544/2010 in C.No.179/A-1/2010 of the Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam city and functioning since then. It was started as an Investigation Cell with a strength of 1 CI, 1 SI, 1 HC and 4 PC’s and 1 Hg.

Contact Details


CCS building in the premises of II Town Police Station,

Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam city, Pin.530020

Email : inspr_cybercrime@vspc.appolice.gov.in

About Jurisdiction & transfer of cases :

All the Cyber Crime Cases which come under the purview of Information Technology Act and registered at various Police Stations in the city are transferred to Cyber Crime Investigation Cell through the Deputy Commissioner’s of Police, Law and Order -1 & -II, Visakhapatnam city, for further investigation.

About the awareness programmes conducted during 2014 :

During the year 2014 the cyber crime Cell has chalked out various programmes to bring awareness among the Public, Students and people of all walks of life on cyber crimes and the steps to be taken by them to prevent the cyber crimes.

Booklet on Cyber Crimes & preventive steps :

The first step in the direction in 2014 we released 15,000 booklets on Cyber Crimes and preventive steps to curb the crime.

During the year 2015 second booklet was released covering all the facts of Cyber Crimes and the sections of Law.

The booklet envisaged the various facets of cyber crimes, the various penal sections governing the crime and the steps to be taken to prevent them and not to fall prey to the fraudsters.

The booklet emphasizes the variants of cyber crime i.e. e-mail abuse, cyber stalking, Hacking, phishing, Vishing, online job frauds, lottery frauds, credit card frauds, skimming and identity theft.

The booklet enlightens the various punitive laws on cyber offenses, various preventive steps to be taken to avoid the above frauds.

Seminars :

Conducted seminars on cyber crime awareness in various Engineering colleges, Law colleges etc viz., 1) Andhra University college of Engineering, 2) Andhra University with students from all departments of the university, 3) Andhra Medical College (AMC), 4) Gayathri College of Engineering, Gayathri College of Engineering for women, 5) Gitam University with students from all departments, 6) Gitam Law college, 7) Anil Neerukonda college of Engineering (ANITS), 8) Pydah college and Kaushik College for Engineering, 9) Sankethika College of Engineering and 10) Dr.Lankapally Bullaih college of Engineering, covered more than 10 thousand students in this awareness programme.

Also conducted seminars to bring awareness in the curious budding students of more than 5 thousand in all Junior colleges starting from Sri Chaitanya and Narayana Junior colleges in the city where the buds are ignorant of the rising and harmful effects of the crime.

Digital Theater Slides :

Apart from that digital theatre slides displaying the cyber crimes and preventive steps were released and were being displayed in all the regular theatres and Inox theaters covering the entire city on cyber crime awareness

Wide appreciation from the general public for the novel idea of bringing awareness through theatre slides.

Sticker Wall Postures :

During the second phase Sticker Wall Posters on cyber crime preventive steps were released and about 13,000 wall poster stickers were displayed at Railway Station, bus stations, business establishments, Cyber Cafes, ATM kiosks, Banks, Cell Shops, City Buses, College buses, at all Engineering and other colleges.

Wide appreciation from the general public for the novel idea of bringing awareness through theatre slides.

Building Confidence in Public :

Confidence in the public has increased, as more number are coming forward to report cyber crime related cases to the Police. Hence the registration of cases at respective Police Stations has increased to a great extent compared to the past four years

Immediate response and action taken against the offenders, seminars and the awareness programmes conducted by the cyber cell has led the women victims to gain confidence in Crime Police and were coming forward to lodge complaints on face book and SMS harassment crimes instead of suffering among themselves

The prosecution /trail is going to start in Cyber crime Pending Trial cases and most of the cases are going to end in conviction as the evidence produced is clinching in the form of electronic evidence, material evidence, scientific and record evidence.

The awareness programmes on cyber crime and the precautions to be taken by the public has led to decrease in the crime of face book harassment etc.

Role of Media :

Media has played its role in bring forward the type of crimes, criminals involved and how the criminals are manipulating through cyber technology. Press has enormously cooperated in putting forward about the offences committed by the accused in cyber cases and also brought awareness in public about cyber related offences.