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Initially, Visakhapatnam police commissionerate was re-organized by forming three Sub-Divisions viz. East, North and South sub-division; and manning of all police stations except Pendurthi and Parawada by Inspectors as SHO; and creation of CCS Unit and Task force having jurisdiction over the entire commissionerate vide G.O.Ms.No. 115, Home (Pol.C) department dated 25-06-2005 and Chief office endorsement Rc.No. 92/R3/2005 dated 27-06-2005.

Prior to re-organization of the Commissionerate, I Town police station, II Town police station, III Town police station, IV Town police station, Kancharapalem police station, Gajuwaka police station, Malkapuram police station, Gopalapatnam police station and Steel Plant police station used to have crime police stations with concurrent jurisdiction with L&O police stations and these SHOs of crime police station used to register FIRs independently and investigate cases. Consequent to the re-organization, the crime police stations are merged with the L&O police stations, and the police stations functioned under SHO/Inspectors.

A crime detachment is now working in each police station for crime related matters headed by a Sub-Inspector. All property offences except cheating cases are investigated by crime detachment on the endorsement made by the SHO.

Subsequently, the police stations II Town, III Town, IV Town, Kancharapalem Gajuwaka and PM Palem are divided into two zones each. Now, each zone is having it’s own crime team under one SI. (Now, these Zones have been notified as Police Stations vide GO MS No 110/Home Dept./AP dated 09-07-2015 office of the DGP AP Hyderabad

On 04-06-2013 the Commissioner of Police, crime inspectors have been posted for III Town PS (III Town & MVP), IV Town PS (IV Town & Dwaraka), Kancharapalem PS (Kancharapalem & Airport), Gajuwaka PS (Gajuwaka & Duvvada) and Pendurthi PS.

Prior to re-organization, the CCS used to have 3 teams and it is formulated into one CCS Unit with 1 Inspector 1 SI, 2 ASIs, 16 HCs, 11 PCs Vide C.No. 2438/A6/05, dt. 03-09-2005 of office of the Commissioner of Police issued instructions for allotment of following cases 1) Murder for gain, 2) Sensational Murders, 3) Dacoities, (other than technical dacoities) 4). Robberies and HB by day/night where the worth of property lost is more than Rs.10 lakhs, 5). Organized cheating cases where the damage of harm caused is to the tune of Rs. 30 lakh are more, 6). Cheating by co-operative Banks and Nationalized banks, 7). Thefts of four wheelers and bigger vehicles and 8). Cases referred by the Magisterial Court including those to the Women P.S. to CCS for the purpose of investigation with the prior approval of the commissioner.

D-Colts :

D-Colts have started functioning from 06 Oct 2011 to prevent property offences, the Police Stations I Town (1), II Town (2), MR peta (2), III Town (2), MVP (2), IV town (2), Dwaraka (2), Kancharapalem (1), Airport (2), Gopalapatnam (1), Pendurthi (2), Malkapuram (1), Gajuwaka (2), Duvvada (2), New Port (1), PM palem (2), Arilova (1) have total 28 D-colts. They do patrolling on motorcycles each D-colt will have one PC and one Home Guard do patrolling in crime prone areas 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs and 1600 hrs to 2130 hrs. The Commissioner of Police had issued 23 motorcycles 3 D-colts have moving on their personal motorcycles. All have been provided with man-packs for communications.

They visit Banks, Apartments, Colonies and alert them about the likely offences every day, they conduct random vehicle checkings to prevent snatching etc offences, they also conduct meetings with residents of apartments & colonies and create awarness about the crime prevention among them; every Saturday ADCP Crimes holds meeting with the D-colts & Crime Inspectors / Sub-Inspectors and reviews the weekly performance of the D-colts and crime staff.D-Colts are functioning well and they desereve to be encouragement.During weekly meetings, good work turned-out during the week are appreciated. There were a few incidents of catching criminals and chasing criminals who tried to offences by D-colts.

Crime Preventive Measures :

1. Each Police Station has 6 to 8 beat areas

2. One night patrolling officer SI/ASI in each PS area

3. One Inspector for one Zone i.e. 4 Inspectors in the night

4. One ACP for entire city

5. One DCP/ADCP to monitor

6. Beat PCs check offenders who commit offences during night.

Other Measures:

Bulk SMS campaign to alert apartment and colony associations about the crime trends.

At snatching prone places, 42 glow sign boards have been put-up alerting public.

Boards have been set up at 200 marriage function halls to prevent offences.

‘Lostandfoundvspcity’ website was launched to track the stolen properties with unique identity numbers.

Identified active criminals among all the listed criminals in each PS/zone and watch kept on these criminals by crime staff.

A register is being maintained to watch the movement of jail released criminals.

Every Saturday, meeting with Crime Inspectors, SIs and D-colts is being held and their work is reviewed.

Meetings with Hoteliers/ Lodge owners are being conducted to:

1. Take Id proof of their workers and customers.
2. Take full details of the customers
3. Send a copy of the list of occupants to respective jurisdiction PS.
4. SI and staff verify the list for criminals / suspects.
5. Checking of lodges for criminals.
6. Install CC cameras in & out side the lodge

Meetings with Bankers :

1. To keep CC cameras in side & out side the premises.

2. To keep watch on the persons loitering in the bank.

3. Alert customers about diverting attention gangs etc.

People’s co-operation is being solicited to prevent & detect the cases by conducting meetings with the apartment dwellers and residents of the colonies and appealing them to :

1. Not to keep valuables like gold in the houses, more than required for daily use and to– keep them in lockers.

 2. Use good locking systems to houses, almyrahs and motorcycles

3. Use CC cameras at apartments, colony junctions, banks, business establishments etc.